Education, Needs Assessment, and Training

We have considerable strength and depth in designing and delivering a wide range of types of educational materials for our clients in the USA and Canada including slide decks, printed materials, audio-visual and on-line resources. The possibilities created by the combination of our educational and instructional design expertise, our medical strategy capabilities and our Information Technology and App team makes us your ideal partner whatever your educational and Medical Communications needs.


Our Head of Education holds a Masters in Education that focused on Skill Development and a PhD in Education focusing on cognitive elements of medical decision-making. He has held positions as a Professor of Education and Medical Education, and has consulted for the World Health Organization and the pharmaceutical industry, coordinated courses for the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research, held senior roles in national medical regulatory bodies and held an executive position on an International Non-Government Organization. He has extensive experience in educational strategy and designing and delivering a wide range of educational materials including on-line courses. We have in-house instructional design expertise.

Needs Assessment

We believe that a strategic needs assessment is a critical component in helping you to clarify your educational needs and design and deliver highly effective materials. Our approach includes conducting interviews with your in-house team to identify your desired outcomes, perceived barriers to success, and the opinion(s) and capacity of your organization. We also engage Key Opinion Leaders and present you with a summary of our findings and recommendations for consideration. We utilize a variety of methodologies including survey(s), and on-line and face-to-face interviews.